Week Three in New York City: I Might Not Josh, But I Do Kidman

The picture shown above is that of a geode shaped installation by SOFTlab, which I photographed while passing by One State Street.

New York’s novelty has yet to wear off.

This city has it all: great food, pleasantly sassy people and breathtaking landscapes. Thanks to the humidity subsiding and allowing me to breathe when I step outside, I finally had the opportunity to spend my weekend doing what I love most – exploring the city with a coffee in hand and a penniless pocket. But that’s a story for another day.

Check out some highlights:



Here’s this week’s day-to-day breakdown…


My Monday was spent at the office. It included doing transcriptions, compiling research, building galleries… Why don’t we skip over this one? Most office tasks are not exactly riveting to blog about.

Besides, I got stuck running through the pouring rain on my way home. No thank you, Monday!


Tuesday was a good day.

It began with a great pain viennois from Paris-based Maison Kayser. I missed my pastries, and I am so happy that New York has mouthwatering bakeries.

I then built a gallery of Nicole Kidman’s best red carpet looks since 1985. It was curated in honour of her 50th birthday, tracing her style evolution throughout her past, timeless decades.

Side note: As I’m currently working in the U.S., I feel as thought I should spell “honour” without the “u,” but seeing as I’m Canadian, I will continue to follow the U.K.’s system. I hope all of you can forgive my maple-filled self.

It was promoted on WWD’s social channels, so I was quite proud. It also taught me about dressing credits. The lesson being, always include them when working for a fashion publication. Simple enough, right?

If you feel like viewing the gallery, click here!


Last hump day, I watched Maren Behringer get shot!

And though I understand why you might be confused, what with the U.S.’s gun laws, I’m not talking about the kind of shots that can kill someone – though it did feel as though I died and went to heaven. There were so many beautiful pieces of designer fashion along with luxury accessories. Take a look at my story recap to get a grasp of the photo shoot!

I sat alongside WWD’s photo gals, Emily Taylor and Oona Wally, to watch a photo session of some upcoming trends in the fashion industry.


Thursday evening, I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art to cover their Annual Young Members Party.

The atmosphere was to die for, and the peach mules were really tempting, but I was on the job. What? Did you think I was just partying it up in the big city without a care in the world? Nuh huh, honey.

The music mainly consisted of throwbacks, remixed by the U.K.’s very own, Adam Bainbridge (A.K.A. Kindness).

As an art enthusiast, I really do my best to keep in mind that art is very much subjective. After reading up on Jacolby Satterwhite and the inspiration he draws from his queer identity and his mother’s mental illness, I really did my best to appreciate his animations, but the graphic sex scenes being projected on the walls really took my attention away from the staircase of glowing candles and the other magnificent aspects to the event.

If art is meant to produce a reaction, these videos did just that.

Read my piece on The Met’s Annual Young Members Party and view the photo gallery by clicking here.

And now, for this week’s round up of my Instagram stories!

That’s it for this week! Check in again next week to read an update about what I’m currently up to. Here’s a spoiler: it involves Demi Moore, Alec Baldwin and Dylan McDermott.


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