Week Five and Six in New York City: Live Fast, Dine Young




The scenic cityscape rushing by, as the subway passes through the Manhattan Bridge, is a great visual representation of how busy these past two weeks have been, for reasons mostly unrelated to work.

Aside from July 4 weekend halting New York’s generally fast-paced ambience for a solid week as people recuperated, one of my closest friends came to visit, which occupied much of the time I would have normally spent blogging. The ever-so-lovely Cynthia travelled down from Montreal, to New York City, to spend a few days exploring with me.

I can’t describe how nice it felt to see a familiar face.

IMG_2981 (1)
This is Cynthia and I beneath Kylie Jenner selfie level lighting at our hotel.

One of my coworkers put it very eloquently when she said, “In New York, you’ll never be alone, but it’s easy to feel lonely.”

All that to say, Cynthia’s visit was more than appreciated. It was a much needed boost.

We visited some of New York City’s biggest cultural attractions, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I got to take a second look at Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçon’s exhibit, as well as other facets to the museum that I had yet to see.

This is one of The Met’s many beautiful halls that I got to discover.

And of course, a New York City experience is incomplete without a few nights on the town, some good food and the occasional (or semi-regular) rooftop terrace.

Needless to say, we made the most of it, and Cynthia got home safe and sound.

As for work, Netflix recently released a comedy series called “Friends From College,” and I interviewed the costume designer, Jacqueline Demeterio.

She has also worked on “Younger” and styled Anne Hathaway for “The Intern.”

If you feel like checking out my interview with Demeterio, click here!


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