Week Seven in New York City: Predictably Unpredictable

New York is totally unpredictable.

It will both shatter and exceed all of your expectations, and the best thing you can do is simply ride the waves. The jaded passersby and sense of emotional disconnect suddenly make a whole lot of sense. If you get too caught up on the highs or lows, you will lack perspective.

This week got off to a slow start, but it ended with lots of excitement and some thrilling news for the week to come.


Alexa Tietjen, an exceptionally kind and talented reporter, definitely made my Monday memorable by bringing me to Maison Kayser for lunch. I enjoyed our conversations even more than my shrimp and avocado salad – and that is saying something.

I still have a week left at WWD, but I am already feeling nostalgic.


I spent the first part of my week preparing for the rest of an eventful week.

As usual, I completed a few transcriptions and some research for my editors. The rest of my day was spent preparing for a Netflix series premiere I was covering on Thursday.


The highlight of my Wednesday was a lunch-time intern presentation by Toronto’s own Tim Chan, about his latest project, www.SPY.com.

Seeing as he is now working out of L.A., for PMC, the presentation was held over video chat. Chan taught us some personal branding strategies that I found very useful and will try to incorporate into this portfolio website and blog as I move forward.


My editor told me to take Thursday off because there would not be much going on at the office. The summer is a relatively low-key time of year for New York’s fashion industry, unless you are covering the illustrious parties in the Hamptons.

That said, I was tasked with covering the “Ozark” series premiere on Thursday evening. The new Netflix original series was produced, directed by and stars Jason Bateman. The dark drama is a change of pace for Bateman, who is best known for his comedic roles in productions such as “Juno” and “Arrested Development.”


Generally speaking, people of such celebrity have proven to have enormous egos, but I am happy to report that Bateman was kind and respectful, despite having very little time to talk to the media before heading into the premiere. It is always a treat to meet someone whose fame has not affected their ability to treat others with basic human decency.

I was also fortunate enough to mingle with some friendly and brilliantly dressed editors and journalists from publications such as Vogue and People Magazine, while we waited for the actors to grace the red carpet.

You can check out my feature on the premiere and my interviews with the cast members by clicking here!


Before writing up my story on the previous night’s premiere, I completed a gallery to highlight some of Lana Del Rey’s most stylish moments and an accompanying article, timed with the release of her album, “Lust for Life.”

Click here to read the web hit and view the style gallery!


After having typed up my feature on the premiere, I got to sit in on another trend shoot. The lively music and creative energy that fills the photo studio is refreshing and always appreciated. This time around, I even got to meet and chat up WWD’s style director, Alex Badia.

Before leaving work, my lovely editor, Leigh, confirmed that I have a one-on-one interview scheduled for next Wednesday, which will be my final byline for WWD before heading back to Ottawa for the final year of my bachelor of journalism. This upcoming interview is going to be big. I will be writing a profile on a new R&B artist that has been gaining traction quite quickly. Keep checking in to find out who I will be interviewing.

Finally, I got to leave work a bit early, so I met my roommate for happy hour beers at a rooftop bar. That was definitely the lime on the Corona.


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