Looking for a new coffee table book?

Michaëlle Jean Joshua Soucie

Looking for a new coffee table book? ☕️🍁

“O Canada! A Celebration of 150 Years” explores themes of diversity, culture and growth. The book includes contributions from major political figures such as ex-Gouverner General Michaëlle Jean and the Director of Ottawa’s Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health, Allison Fisher. A portion of the book’s proceeds go towards the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, which enables underserved youth to make personal and community-oriented changes by means of the arts.

During the book’s conceptual phase, I did research on Canada’s artistic history through to contemporary times. I listed overarching themes and selected figures, events and cultural contributions that I believed should be included in the book. I’m so thankful to have been able to contribute to this book in whatever capacity I could. Huge shoutout to Kimothy Walker and Alanna Smith for approaching me with this extraordinary project, for being such inspiring #GirlBosses and for including me in the book’s Foreword.

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