Hi again: An overdue update

It’s been far too long, lovely readers.

I have spent my summer entertaining friends, family and the occasional freelance assignment.

I recently interviewed Laurie Dion for FLARE Magazine, regarding how fashion vlogging helped her cope with a terminal cancer prognosis. Prior to that, I spoke with Colleen Gray about Art For Aid, an organization she created, which collects and ships art supplies to remote Indigenous schools. Take a look if you have yet to give them a read!

Now that I have finished my undergrad, life seems to have slowed down. At least momentarily.

DSC-1704.jpgThat said, I find myself, like many others, facing a precarious job market. I’m both profoundly shooketh and incredibly excited by this newfound freedom.

For the time being, I am getting familiar with my new employer. Thanks to some dear friends at Ottawa Media Group (OMG), I’m working as a social media campaign manager for Rick Bédard, municipal candidate for Councillor of Ward 1 (Orléans). I feel it important for people to know, despite the fact that I doubt a conflict of interest would arise, given that I primarily report on fashion, culture and entertainment.

In the coming weeks, I am hoping to freelance a few more pieces, create some content for my website and get started on a vlog. But no promises. As of late, I’ve been spread pretty thin searching for longterm employment, earning some cash and tending to family matters.

Let’s touch base more often – fate permitting.

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