Acting Fishy: Proposed Amendments to The Fisheries Act

“Fisheries are the gift that can keep giving. If you do them right, you can fish them for generations, and they provide wealth, culture and all the benefits we get from having healthy marine and aquatic ecosystems in perpetuity,” says Brett Favaro, a research scientist at the Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Fisheries and Marine Institute. On Feb. 6, 2018, the Liberal government announced its proposed amendments to the Fisheries Act, previously altered by the Harper government.

Making History: Local Artist Hosts Film Photography Exhibition

OTTAWA – The Individuality Project is a film photography series by local photographer Cassie Even-Hen. Last night, The Individuality Project was exhibited alongside other local talent. The event was in celebration of Black History Month and Canada's diversity of individuals. Canadian rappers Jacob Chin, Ian Lorts and Sleezoe performed, and YouTube personality Fatima Zahra presented slam poetry.