Welcome to I’M NOT JOSHING!

I created this website to highlight my professional efforts, to unite my platforms and to offer my readers and viewers quick access to my latest content. My website also offers me a forum to share my thoughts and biases in an informal tone.

Browse through carefully curated fashion, culture and lifestyle content from the perspective of a millennial journalist.

Who’s that guy with the curly hair?

My friends call me Josh.

I am graduating with a bachelor of journalism from Carleton University. I have also recently acquired a DEUF diploma in French modern letters from the University of Lyon.

I am genuinely passionate about social justice and responsible journalism. Society’s oppressive frameworks can be challenged in many ways, and taking an editorial spin on the arts best allows me to have an impact on cultural dialogue.


Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 3.20.56 AMClick here to download my CV! 

My personal interests lie primarily in the arts, but my curiosity and desire for social justice keep me aware and informed about various subjects.

I have experience in strategic communications, online marketing (i.e. SEO, social scheduling, graphic design, etc.), and other innovative forms of new media. I have also been trained in broadcast journalism and very much enjoy being both in front and behind the camera.

Please feel free to connect with me, either via message or social media!

I created the graphics and illustrations for this website using a Wacom tablet, Adobe Photoshop and various royalty-free PNGs. Unless stated otherwise, the images are my own.