Jason Bateman’s dark side: Drama at the ‘Ozark’ Series Premiere

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“Well, it’s always a little bit easier for me, just because it’s one less actor to direct,” says Jason Bateman, director and star of Netflix‘s new drama series “Ozark.” “I really enjoy it because it lets me have two hands on the wheel — one in front, one behind.”

“Ozark” is a dark drama that follows the life of the Byrde family as they move from Chicago to Missouri’s isolated Ozarks in order to escape persecution at the hands of a cartel leader who threatens them due to their father’s shady business dealings. In order to keep his family safe, Marty Byrde, played by Bateman, must launder the kingpin’s money, which proves to be quite challenging. The series begins with the foreboding phrase, “Money is a measure of a person’s choices.”

For Bateman, this series marks a stark contrast to his lead role in the television sitcom “Arrested Development,” but the “Ozark” cast all echoed a similar message of awe and admiration for the show’s star and director during its Thursday night premiere at Metrograph.

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