Kylie helped put Khalid in a new ‘Location’

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The breakout singer talks making it big and bringing hope to all dreamers out there.

The day of his high school graduation, in El Paso, Tex., Khalid Robinson got more than just a diploma; Kylie Jenner played his song “Location” in one of her Snapchats, and the rest is slowly becoming history.

“Minutes before I’m getting ready to walk, I’m checking Snapchat and I see she typed ‘Khalid,’ ‘Location’ in the box,” the 19 year-old recalls. “All throughout my life, it was always a whole bunch of people telling me that I can’t do something. All these people were like ‘Don’t reach for your dreams, reach for something that you can settle with’ — and I thought that that was bulls–t.”

Everything has changed in the last year for Robinson, who went from recording inside a friend’s garage to releasing a solo album, “American Teen” in March, to working with artists such as Calvin Harris and preparing to join Lorde on her 2018 European tour.

“If I’m being honest, it definitely does get overwhelming — I’m only 19 years old,” says Robinson, who played Terminal 5 in New York Sunday and Monday night. “I feel like the best part of my job and this fame is that I get to use my platform to spread positivity and messages that I love.”

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