Looking back on my Bachelor of Journalism

Published by Undergraduate Admissions, Carleton University

Carleton’s School of Journalism acquired its reputation as one of Canada’s best journalism programs by means of its passionate community, its emphasis on fair reporting and its commitment to journalistic excellence. Since 1945, Carleton University has been preparing journalists for a career in the media. Over 70 years later, the media landscape looks quite different, but Carleton’s commitment to journalistic excellence remains unchanged.

Studying Journalism at Carleton

I still remember my first day of class. I sat awkwardly, knees shaking beneath my desk, at the center of a large auditorium. A blonde-haired professor walked in with a bubbly disposition and equally effervescent harem pants.

I can’t exactly remember what the professor spoke about that day — but throughout the year, we explored everything from the origins of the printing press to the challenges journalists face in the age of new media. I do, however, remember that my professor made it simple for students to approach her, start a conversation and seek advice. This professor went on to be one of the many professors who had a profound impact on my personal and professional development.


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