Mind the gap: Is Canada’s 2018 federal budget a step towards gender equality?

Published by I’M NOT JOSHING

Though the 2018 federal budget’s focus on gender equality is being praised by some, others are writing this year’s budget off as symbolic Liberal feminism.

“This budget is bold. What the Liberals did, is that they made the next two years or year-and-a-half about social issues. I, as a whole, like it,” says Erica Ifill, co-host of the Bad + Bitchy podcast and founder of Not In My Colour. “They’re making strides, but it didn’t go far enough in certain areas.”

Statistics Canada’s “Women and Paid Work,” released in March of 2017, reveals that women earn, on average, $0.87 for a man’s dollar. That knowledge is quite widespread. But other wage gaps, such as Ontario’s 17.2 per cent racial wage gap, cited in a study conducted by The Conference Board of Canada, are seldom acknowledged.

This map highlights racial wage gaps by per cent in Canada’s provinces. The data was taken from a study conducted by The Conference Board of Canada.

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