Public figures, influencers and tastemakers share some reminders post-Black History Month

Published by I’M NOT JOSHING

Written and Compiled by Joshua Soucie | Edited by Mugoli Samba

Though Black History Month has come to an end, the conversation is just getting started.

I reached out to several Black public figures to ask them to contribute “reminders” concerning issues that mattered to them, which I have compiled into a list. If you’re white, much like me, all I ask of you is to listen and perhaps learn from the advice, experiences and perspectives of these influential figures.

Our bodies have stories wrapped around them. Stories we ourselves did not create, but are born into. Narratives of race, gender, ability, sexuality and it goes on and on. Stories that dictated power dynamics and domination. Here you are, born into a body that tells a story before you even learn how to speak. We learn to love our bodies because of or in spite of the history attached to them. In all the narratives that we become a part of, we have something we learn is unique yet powerful, something that belongs to us and only us ā€“ our voices.

Thando.pngā€“ Thando Hopa, South African Model, Lawyer and Activist

Read the other reminders and the rest of the feature here!

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