The state of Canadian broadcasting: ‘The decline is evident’

Published by Capital News

As the television broadcast industry continues to decline, Canada’s telecom regulator will soon produce a report looking at possible distribution models for Canadian programming.

According to Statistics Canada, conventional television broadcasters have seen significant declines in revenues, profits and the number of employees between 2006 and 2016.

Carl Neustaedter is the director of communications at the Public Policy Forum, which published the Shattered Mirror Report – a critical examination of concentrated media ownership and content fragmentation in the digital age.

Neustaedter wrote in an email that he can only guess that, soon enough, broadcasters will be where newspapers are now.

“‘Broadcast’ journalism faces the same brick wall as any other news outlet on digital platforms – there’s no business model that’s emerged yet,” wrote Neustaedter. “Like newspapers, broadcasters must balance so-called legacy platforms (traditional broadcast TV) while trying to build a feasible platform Online.

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