What to Qwear, What to Qwear: Getting to Know Queer Activist Sonny Oram

Photo for dapperQ

Published on REglam.ME

Join REglam as we take an inside look at Sonny Oram–the first transgender blogger to be sponsored by Topman–as they* tell us about their mission to push the boundaries of fashion!

Photo by Sam Murray

Sonny is the founder of Qwear Fashion–an online publication that aims to celebrate the diverse beauty of fashion anywhere on the gender spectrum. Sonny works out of the greater Boston area.

The trans blogger and queer rights advocate was awarded the title of dapperQ for 2015. The title is awarded annually by dapperQ, a queer style empowerment website, to a recipient that uses style as a catalyst for change.

Sonny participated in the first ever South by South West queer fashion panel­, hosted by dapperQ. The fashion panel was a meeting to discuss using clothing as a visual form of activism to influence social change.

Click here to the full article!

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