Laurie Dion for FLARE by Joshua Soucie

Fashion vlogging helped me cope with a terminal cancer prognosis

As a child, Laurie Dion would spend hours preparing for her figure skating competitions. The hair, the makeup, the dress… all of it had to be just right.

Back then, Dion couldn’t anticipate that her burgeoning interest in beauty and fashion would garner the attention of a massive online audience—or that it would help her cope after she was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. […]

Colleen Gray profile by Joshua Soucie

Meet the artist who gets art supplies to Indigenous schools and promotes artists

Thanks to the efforts of Ottawa-area artist Colleen Gray, a teenager from a First Nation in Saskatchewan will be showcasing and selling her artwork at a gallery in Ottawa from June through December.

But promoting the work of Indigenous artists isn’t all Gray does — she’s also the founder of Art For Aid, an initiative that ships art supplies to remote Indigenous schools. […]


The state of Canadian broadcasting: ‘The decline is evident’

As the television broadcast industry continues to decline, Canada’s telecom regulator will soon produce a report looking at possible distribution models for Canadian programming.

According to Statistics Canada, conventional television broadcasters have seen significant declines in revenues, profits and the number of employees between 2006 and 2016. […]

Carleton Univeristy Joshua Soucie

Looking back on my Bachelor of Journalism

Since 1945, Carleton University has been preparing journalists for a career in the media. Over 70 years later, the media landscape looks quite different, but Carleton’s commitment to journalistic excellence remains unchanged.

I still remember my first day of class. I sat awkwardly, knees shaking beneath my desk, at the center of a large auditorium. A blonde-haired professor walked in with a bubbly disposition and equally effervescent harem pants. […]

Federal Budget 2018 Joshua Soucie

Mind the gap: Is Canada’s 2018 federal budget a step towards gender equality?

Though the 2018 federal budget’s focus on gender equality is being praised by some, others are writing this year’s budget off as symbolic Liberal feminism.

“This budget is bold. What the Liberals did, is that they made the next two years or year-and-a-half about social issues. I, as a whole, like it,” says Erica Ifill, co-host of the Bad + Bitchy podcast and founder of Not In My Colour. “They’re making strides, but it didn’t go far enough in certain areas.” […]

Black History Month Joshua Soucie

Public figures, influencers and tastemakers share some reminders post-Black History Month

Though Black History Month has come to an end, the conversation is just getting started.

I reached out to several Black public figures to ask them to contribute “reminders” concerning issues that mattered to them, which I have compiled into a list. If you’re white, much like me, all I ask of you is to listen and perhaps learn from the advice, experiences and perspectives of these influential figures. […]

Benvenuto, Orto Trattoria: Refined Italian dining comes to The Glebe

Looking for a fresh spot to spend New Year’s Eve?

An Italian-inspired newcomer to The Glebe’s bustling restaurant scene is quickly gaining the respect of local foodies. Though Orto Trattoria has only been open for a little over a month, it has received accolades on Trip Advisor and Google Reviews. […]

Exchanges can expand your expertise

I have wanted to travel overseas since I sat in my neighbour’s basement, at eight-years-old, watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Since that day, I have badgered my family members every time an international travel opportunity presented itself. […]

Adonis Bosso Joshua Soucie

“Just another day in the jungle”: Adonis Bosso on releasing his first single

On his way to catch a flight to New York City, Canadian-raised international supermodel Adonis Bosso calls me to chat about the release of his first independent single, “Jungle.”

He describes the song as social commentary on life, as the 27-year-old has experienced it. “I feel like life is a jungle. It’s kind of about my time in New York, trying to make it, trying to make a name for myself,” says Bosso. […]

Following fashion: An arts reporter’s journey to New York

When I was a child, clothing simply kept me warm. As I grew up, clothing helped me bridge the gap between awkward child and somewhat trendy teenager. Come high school, fashion had become a fascination of mine.

It allowed me to create my own style, a sense of individuality, an identity. […]

Khalid Joshua Soucie

Kylie helped put Khalid in a new ‘Location’

The day of his high school graduation, in El Paso, Tex., Khalid Robinson got more than just a diploma; Kylie Jenner played his song “Location” in one of her Snapchats, and the rest is slowly becoming history.

“Minutes before I’m getting ready to walk, I’m checking Snapchat and I see she typed ‘Khalid,’ ‘Location’ in the box,” the 19 year-old recalls. “All throughout my life, it was always a whole bunch of people telling me that I can’t do something. All these people were like ‘Don’t reach for your dreams, reach for something that you can settle with’ — and I thought that that was bulls–t.” […]

How Charlize Theron was suited for ‘Atomic Blonde’

Thrift finds from Budapest, custom Galliano and archival Dior: all in a day’s work when your leading lady is Charlize Theron.

“It’s great when they are trying to find the character with you,” says costume designer Cindy Evans, about working with Theron and her costar Sofia Boutella in the spy movie “Atomic Blonde,” out today. “That’s really what a costume designer is there to do: help the actor find the character.” […]

The captivating ‘Brigsby Bear’ premieres in New York

“At some point, I don’t know if I was in a dream state or what, but I was just really fascinated by this idea of a guy who is the only person to have ever seen a TV show, and nobody else has seen it,” said “Saturday Night Live’s” Kyle Mooney about cowriting and starring in “Brigsby Bear.”

The film follows James Pope, a middle-aged man who was abducted as a baby and has fostered an obsession with a childhood show, shot by one of his captors and starring a crime-fighting bear known as “Brigsby Bear.” After James is rescued from his captors’ bunker, he sets out to find an ending for the show and make an extremely late transition into adulthood. […]

Jason Bateman’s dark side: Drama at the ‘Ozark’ Series Premiere

“Well, it’s always a little bit easier for me, just because it’s one less actor to direct,” says Jason Bateman, director and star of Netflix‘s new drama series “Ozark.” “I really enjoy it because it lets me have two hands on the wheel — one in front, one behind.”

“Ozark” is a dark drama that follows the life of the Byrde family as they move from Chicago to Missouri’s isolated Ozarks in order to escape persecution at the hands of a cartel leader who threatens them due to their father’s shady business dealings. In order to keep his family safe, Marty Byrde, played by Bateman, must launder the kingpin’s money, which proves to be quite challenging. The series begins with the foreboding phrase, “Money is a measure of a person’s choices.” […]

Lana Del Rey, queen of witchy-wonderful glamour

Lana Del Rey has made a name for herself as a goddess of melancholy lyrics matched with slinky, sultry vocals; her latest album “Lust For Life,” released today, features collaborations with artists including Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky and Sean Lennon. Del Rey will take the album on the road this weekend when she begins her European tour in Paris on Sunday.

In addition to the music, along the way Del Rey’s nostalgic performance and red carpet looks have caught the attention of the fashion crowd. Here, a look at her standout moments. […]

Funny-girl fashion: Five minutes with costume designer Jacqueline Demeterio

“Normally, when you’re talking to comedy writers, the first thing out of their mouths isn’t, ‘We want the clothes to be aspirational and fashionable,’” says costume designer Jacqueline Demeterio, who was tasked with just that for bringing to life the new Netflix series “Friends From College.”

The series stars Annie Parisse, Nat Faxon, Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smulders, Jae Suh Park, Fred Savage and Billy Eichner as — you guessed it — a collection of friends who find themselves reunited after several years. […]

A Demi Moore education: ‘Blind’ premieres in New York

The crowd celebrated the premiere afterward at Bagatelle New York.

“It’s always difficult to put on a new hat,” Demi Moore declared at the New York premiere of “Blind” on Monday night. “I think the great thing about having Alec, Dylan and I is that we’ve done a lot, and it was super collaborative. We could all bring everything to the table, and he was open enough to receive anything that we had to offer.” […]

Red carpet fashion and style evolutions

Over the past week, I have been asked to curate and compose several galleries of some of New York City’s most influential and glamorous fashionistas. Keep reading to view them all!

First, Ruth Negga is an Ethiopian actress that has worked on such films as “Warcraft: The Beginning,” “Loving” and “World War Z.” […]

After hours at the Met: The Annual Young Members Party

Though the annual Young Members party at the Metropolitian Museum of Art’s target audience is art amateurs between the ages of 21 and 35, much like last year, the event saw quite a few older members that managed to score an invite.

Apparently, the allure of sipping on a peach mule or a glass of rosé in the throes of summer is too tempting to resist. […]

Nicole Kidman through the years: Celebrating her style evolution

On her 50th birthday, take a look through Nicole Kidman’s best red carpet moments, as well as her style evolution since she entered the spotlight.

I curated a gallery of some 32 of her most timeless looks from 1985 to present for WWD. […]

W Magazine Joshua Soucie

Follow for follow: W Magazine celebrates ‘Who’s Who’

“For me — Lord knows, for every artist struggling in New York — it’s not about the money,” said influencer Tk Wonder, seemingly without irony. “It’s about the love.”

On Thursday evening, W Magazine partnered with AG and took to the newly opened roof of the Public Hotel to advertise its spin-off Instagram account @whoswho, a page dedicated to feeds the magazine thinks readers should follow. […]

Lola Kirke and Zoë Kravitz rehearsed lines for ‘Gemini’ in the car

On Thursday night, the Brooklyn Academy of Music kicked off this year’s BAMCinemaFest with a screening for the thriller “Gemini,” starring Zoë Kravitz as a Hollywood starlet whose mysterious death sparks an investigation by her personal assistant, played by Lola Kirke, in efforts to clear her own name.

“I mean, she’s an assistant — and a Hollywood assistant at that — so she spends a lot of time taking care of other people,” Kirke said of the character. […]

Sofia Boutella talks fashion, monsters and licking Tom Cruise

It is difficult to believe that Sofia Boutella could ever play a monster, because she is anything but frightening.

The actress was holding court on the terrace at Saks Fifth Avenue on Wednesday evening, helping the retailer celebrate its “The Mummy” inspired window display. Boutella – the mummy, herself – walked the red carpet in a taupe sequin, floor-length Rodarte gown, golden stilettos and pink-tinted sunglasses. Upon being told that she is becoming quite the fashion icon, Boutella let out a humbling, “Really?” […]

Making Monet: Is the Internet helping or hurting visual artists?

Kit King starts her mornings with a hearty dose of social media and a side of relentless emails.

King is a fine art, oil painter that specializes in contemporary realism. Most days, before her brush touches the canvas, her husband usually joins her in the studio. He is also a painter. […]

Crashing the icey ceiling: Extreme women coming to Centretown

Red Bull’s Crashed Ice world championship finale is taking place next to the Fairmont Chateau Laurier on March 3 and 4, and Jacqueline Legere of Brantford, Ont. — currently second in world rankings — could take home the gold for Canada.

“I never really expected to be doing something like this,” she wrote via Facebook. “To travel worldwide representing your country is something to be very proud of.” […]

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo: Ballet en travesti comes to NAC

OTTAWA – Men dressed in tutus will be prancing through the National Arts Centre on Feb. 17.

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo is a group of dancers founded in 1974 that parodies classic ballets by featuring men in the roles traditionally played by women. Still, the dancers are all classically trained in traditional ballet. […]

The Vanitea Room tea house introducing online boutique

The Vanitea Room is a self-proclaimed tea salon and European-style eatery found at 551 Somerset St. W. Salon owner Hind Mubarak said the next step for her business is going digital with an e-boutique set to launch on March 17.

“It will be a collection of all the retail products that we support from across the country,” Mubarak said. […]

Queer popup shop at NYFW Fall 2016: How to make your closet QPOP

Teri Tan is one of the four primary contributors to QPOP–an organization that creates carefully selected popup experiences that aim to elevate queer brands.

Teri is also a New-York University MS (Master of Science) Business graduate, investment banker, part-time model and queer activist. She spoke to REglam about QPOP’s first event happening Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, during the New-York Fashion Week buzz. […]

Orlando shooting spikes a prickly LGBTQ+ topic

Sunday, June 12, marked the largest mass shooting in American history, and it targeted the LGBTQ+ minority group in an environment normally free from judgment and stigma­–at Pulse nightclub, in Orlando, FL.

OneBlood (@my1blood) tweeted Sunday that all FDA guidelines remain in effect for donations. That comment was referring to the ban restricting, what are known as men that have sex with men (MSM), from donating blood unless they have abstained from same-sex copulation for a full calendar year. […]

What to Qwear, What to Qwear: Getting to know queer activist Sonny Oram

Join REglam as we take an inside look at Sonny Oram–the first transgender blogger to be sponsored by Topman–as they* tell us about their mission to push the boundaries of fashion!

Sonny is the founder of Qwear Fashion–an online publication that aims to celebrate the diverse beauty of fashion anywhere on the gender spectrum. Sonny works out of the greater Boston area. […]

Un derby apaisé mais avec beaucoup d’attentes !

Le match tant attendu de cette journée de Ligue 1 est sans aucun doute le derby entre Saint-Etienne et Lyon. Christophe Galtier espère un réveil de ses troupes, quant à Bruno Génésio, une confirmation pour son premier derby en tant qu’entraîneur. ASSE – OL 21 HEURES. […]

Une perte méritant un salto arrière pour l’ASSE

L’AS Sainte-Étienne (ASSE) a perdu deux à un lors de son match contre FC Nantes aujourd’hui. Le match a du être trop accablant pour Benjamin Corgnet puisqu’il a fini par faire un salto arrière avant d’atImage: Site officiel de l’ASSEterrir à plein ventre, après avoir trébuché. Ce match fut la septième victoire de la saison du FC Nantes. […]

Campus Style: Fall footwear, one step at a time

You strolled right into this one: this week, Campus Style covers fall footwear essentials. With combat boots, riding boots, and booties on everyone’s radar, it’s hard to choose which style to rock. […]

Campus Style: Wrapping up fall one scarf at a time

As the weather gets colder, more people are hiding beneath their oversized winter coats and sweaters to stay warm. With winter’s chill in our bones, we sometimes compromise our style in order to keep our body heat. This battle, however, ends in a crushing victory for scarf wearers. […]