Ottawa school wins CBC Music award

Published by CBC Ottawa

Lisgar Collegiate Institute’s string ensemble won this year’s CBC Music in School Award at Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival, receiving a $1,000 prize for their music education program.

Art With A Potter’s Wheel

Published by CBC Ottawa

Looking for a local art exhibition this weekend, consider The Sussex Contemporary gallery to browse works by abstract artist Callen Schaub Art.

Joshua Soucie Broadcast Package: The Wallingford-Back Mine to be Sealed from Public Access

Produced during an internship with CTV News Ottawa

Camera Person/Editor: Jamie Karam

The Wallingford-Back mine will be seeing the construction of new anchored fences, barriers and moats to keep curious eyes out.

The rural area’s locals have been pleading the province to take action, saying as many as 50 tourists visit the mine per day during the summer – and many are not courteous guests.

Campus Style: What’s your style?

Published by The Charlatan

Fashion boils down to trends subject to constant change, but style transcends the ages.

Style is a timeless way of pulling pieces together in a way that expresses a person’s individuality. This week, your Campus Style bloggers wandered Carleton’s campus to find out what today’s trendiest students had to say about their style.

What outfits make you, you? How do you express yourself as an individual? This campus style is all about the decisions we make to express ourselves through fashion. […]

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