I’m Joshua Soucie. I’m a journalist and media personality. I have been published by Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), FLARE Magazine and the CBC. Throughout the length of my career, I wish to showcase marginalized perspectives and promote diverse representation in the media. I created this website in late 2016 to highlight my professional efforts, to unite my platforms and to offer my readers and viewers quick access to my latest content. Feel free to reach out or connect with me on social media!



Laurie Dion for FLARE by Joshua Soucie

Fashion vlogging helped me cope with a terminal cancer prognosis

As a child, Laurie Dion would spend hours preparing for her figure skating competitions. The hair, the makeup, the dress… all of it had to be just right.

Back then, Dion couldn’t anticipate that her burgeoning interest in beauty and fashion would garner the attention of a massive online audience—or that it would help her cope after she was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. […]

Colleen Gray profile by Joshua Soucie

Meet the artist who gets art supplies to Indigenous schools and promotes artists

Thanks to the efforts of Ottawa-area artist Colleen Gray, a teenager from a First Nation in Saskatchewan will be showcasing and selling her artwork at a gallery in Ottawa from June through December.

But promoting the work of Indigenous artists isn’t all Gray does — she’s also the founder of Art For Aid, an initiative that ships art supplies to remote Indigenous schools. […]


The state of Canadian broadcasting: ‘The decline is evident’

As the television broadcast industry continues to decline, Canada’s telecom regulator will soon produce a report looking at possible distribution models for Canadian programming.

According to Statistics Canada, conventional television broadcasters have seen significant declines in revenues, profits and the number of employees between 2006 and 2016. […]

Carleton Univeristy Joshua Soucie

Looking back on my Bachelor of Journalism

Since 1945, Carleton University has been preparing journalists for a career in the media. Over 70 years later, the media landscape looks quite different, but Carleton’s commitment to journalistic excellence remains unchanged.

I still remember my first day of class. I sat awkwardly, knees shaking beneath my desk, at the center of a large auditorium. A blonde-haired professor walked in with a bubbly disposition and equally effervescent harem pants. […]